Self-Managed Training Experiment

For us, is very important to get better and better at what we do. Mastering a field is a big motivation driver, and learning is one of the fundamental pillars in our Barcelona office.

This is what we do:

  1. We make sure there is a healthy budget set aside for this purpose
  2. We give this budget to the teams and let them spend it

We don’t set any more rules. We call volunteers to create a “Training Circle” and people in this circle takes time to look into interesting training, respond to training requests from teammates and keep track of budget.

Training and Development on the Gears.

The training circle keeps an eye on budget spent and tries that everyone gets some meaningful training. Volunteers can leave or join this circle whenever they want and all training and budget used is documented in a public wiki page for everybody to see.

After a 12 months following this model, I can say that everybody is very happy, with opportunities to travel, attend interesting events and stay connected with the community.

We removed all the bureaucracy and management approvals. Simple.


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